The Alumni Association Now Celebrates Its Silver Jubilee, Promoting & Educating The Community On Value Of Investing In UAS’B, Guided By Honesty, Respect And Trust In All Our Actions.

Supporting The Socially Acceptable Initiatives, We Take Pride To Be The Champions For The University, Our Alumni, And The Attributes That Are Uniquely UAS-B. Together, We Serve, Enthusiastically Sharing Our Time And Talent To Better Our Community.


With Extensive Networking / Intellectual Engagement, We Continue Life-long Learnings, Link Alumni And Friends Back To The University With Passion & Encourage Mutually Common Intellectual Interests.
  • Demonstrate Leadership Through Service to Communities, Particularly For The Agro-Entrepreneurs & Enterprises.
  • Continue The Process Of Life-Long Learning;
  • Mobilise The Corpus Fund
  • Develop Alumni Convention Hall / Physical Infrastructure To World Class Standards. Alumni Convention Hall, Self –Sustaining model, retaining the corpus fund build up.
  • Foster Diversity And Community, Strengthening Ties To UAS-B And Growing Relationships With Other Alumni, Domestic And Global, As Well
  • Serve The University, Other Alumni, Students And The Community At Large, Offering Valuable Services To Enhance Their Lives
  • Provide Scholarships to UAS-B Students
  • Career Counseling for University outgoing batches
  • Design Value Added Short Term Courses – Niche Areas – IT + Domain (Agric& Agro-based / Allied Agric) + Soft Skills – Students / Laterals / Alumni



  • 1946 – 1949 “Hebbal-Bengaluru Agricultural College” started, first batch Agri-Grads came out.
  • Early1980s initiatives, Founded Alumni Association of Agricultural College was started in 1983. Respectfully honoured all the retired teachers of the college annually, socilising get-together for the Alumni, nurture fellowship.
  • 1989 – Statutory provision in UAS Act establishing its Alumni Association, upgraded as University Alumni Association with new constitution and rules, duly recognized by UAS.
  • Executive Committee of Alumni Association discharges responsibility of recommending the panel of five names to the Government, for UAS Board of Management.
  • Alumni Association organizes a variety of programs such as seminars, workshops, recognizing Distinguished Alumni, organizing innovative activities including cultural events annually.
  • Consistent mobilization of financial resources from well-wishers – MPs & Donor Alumni.
  • Two acres of land allocated at UAS-Hebbal campus, takes pride of its majestic Convention Hall with 400 + capacity audience, presently centre of illustrative programs. Expanse of well-maintained park along the international express way. Visit seeing it live.
  • Affordable Accommodation for visiting Farmers, Agric Students & Development Officials.
  • Presently, 4000+ subscribed members on rolls, thanks to B. Sc. (Agri.), B. Sc. (Hort.), B. Sc. (Seri.), B. Sc. (Forestry.), B.V. Sc., B. Sc. (Dairy Science) B.F.Sc. and the respective PGs.

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