Alumni Association
    University of Agricultural Sciences
    Hebbal, Bengaluru- 560024
  • Less than 1MB size is valid
  • I hereby apply for admission as Life Member/Associate Member/Institutional Member of the Alumni Association, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru. I Graduated from the college of
  • I have read the constitution and rules of the Association and agree to abide by them, if admitted.
  • being the Membership Fee.
  • through UAS, Bengaluru vide
  • under student category.
  • Phone No use with country code
  • *New Members shall pay the applicable fees only after approval of membership by the Secretary, Alumni Association.

    1. Life/Associate Membership fee Rs. 500/- +Entrance fee Rs. 10/-
    2. Institutional Memnership fee Rs. 5000/- +Entrance fee Rs. 10/-
    3. Enclose two Passport size Photographs



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