Any person holding Diploma in Agriculture, Degree in Agriculture/ Veterinary of Erstwhile

Mysore University and Diploma/Degree holders of the University of Agricultural Sciences,



  • There shall be following classes of members.
  1. The Vice Chancellor of the U.A.S Bengaluru shall be the Chief patron of the Association.
  2. Life Member
  3. Associate Member
  4. Institutional Member
  • Any person who is eligible to be the member of the Association on Payment of prescribed fee can become /life member.
  • Any Graduate/Post-Graduate of the other Agril.Universities and other Sister Organizations on payment of the prescribed fee can become Associate Member. They shall have no voting rights.
  • Any Faculty member of the UAS Bengaluru on payment of prescribed fee can become Associate members. They shall have no voting rights.
  • Any Organization/Institution connected with Agriculture and allied-activities on payment of prescribed fee shall become Institutional member. They shall have no voting rights.
  • Persons of eminence whose services to the Association are deemed desirable by the Executive Committee may be invited to be the honorary member.
  • Honorary member shall make no payment and shall have all rights and privileges of a member except the power to vote and shall not be elected to the Executive Committee and the decision of the Association on any matter shall be binding on him.
  • Life member shall have all the rights and privileges of a member during his/her life time.
  • All members/life members shall have to sign a form “APPENDIX-A” on admission.
  • New entrants shall be proposed by a member and on approval by the Executive Committee shall become members.
  • Members shall keep the Secretary informed of their correct address from time to time.


   Subscription: The following amounts are payable by members

a) Entrance fee for member              Rs 10

b) Life Membership                            Rs 500

c) Associate Membership (life)          Rs 500

d) Patron Institutional membership    Rs 5000 and above


  • Annual membership fee is payable strictly in advance for the year before 31st
  • A member enrolled at any time during a year shall pay the full subscription for the year irrespective of the date of enrolment.
  • Termination of Membership: any member may resign from membership at any time by a written notice to the Secretary of the Association after paying all the subscriptions due and the membership shall terminate on acceptance of the resignation by the Executive Committee.
  • Any member may be expelled for such conduct at an extraordinary General meeting by 2/3 of the members present and voting.
  • Any person whose membership has terminated may apply for re-admission and may be admitted by the Executive Committee on such conditions as they decide.
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